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New Product “Strong Magnet Catcher (No.SMBC)”(22/05/24)

VESSEL releases on April 2, 2021 “Strong Magnet Catcher (No.SMBC)”
This product is the succeeding model to the screw catcher (BH-15 /16/17) that has been on sale since 1998. Some users gave us a comment on this product that, because of its thick and large size, the item on which the screw is tightened is not well seen.
Therefore, VESSEL has designed the “Strong Magnet Catcher (No.SMBC)”, new screw catcher that is smaller and slimmer than the conventional model. The SMBC is of a rounded shape that is not interfered with the surroundings.
The SMBC is made with the aluminum material and lighter than the conventional model (5.1g). By coloring with alumite treatment, it stands out in a shop’s display and makes it easier for customers to pick it up.
A small but powerful neodymium magnet is adopted as the magnet. The screw head is pulled toward the SMBC by magnetic force and held firmly.
In addition to the single item, a set item (supplied with a bit) is also available.



*Catch the screws firmly to prevent them from falling over during fastening work.
*Built-in powerful neodymium magnet. Reliably catch long screws.
*When the screw head is brought close to the catcher part of the SMBC, the sleeve of the SMBC automatically moves by magnetic force and retains the screw.
*Slim shape (O/D 12mm) enables to see well the tip-end and to insert easily into screw holes.
*Lightweight design: 3.8g (using aluminum material)



◎Single item
*Strong Magnet Catcher (Red) No.SMBC-1PR
*Strong Magnet Catcher (Blue) No.SMBC-1PB

◎Set item
*Strong Magnet Catcher (Red) 1pc + Bit (A14 +2x65mmH) 1pc



*For construction-related work such as floorboards, joists, interiors, and 2x4.