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New Product “Magnet Catcher Short 《No.NMS-2P》”(22/05/24)

VESSEL releases on February 2, 2021 “Magnet Catcher Short 《No.NMS-2P》”.
When tightening slim screws in interior work, recessed bits (bits with a thin and round shank) are often used because the tip is easy to see.
Since the conventional magnetizer NMC was designed for the 6.4 mm shank, it should be attached to the hexagonal part (close to the ball groove) when using it with a recessed bit, and the magnetic force effect of the neodymium magnet could not be fully exerted because magnet is not at the tip-end side.
This new “Magnet Catcher Short 《No.NMS-2P》” is compatible with the thin shank screwdriver or bit, and can be attached near the tip, and it is furthermore smaller and easier to use.



*Strong neodymium magnets help the bit so much magnetized as to catch even long course threads.
*Moving magnets retain the round shank screwdriver or bit (from Φ4 to 6.4mm).
*Can be magnetized and demagnetized (the magnetic force remains even if it is removed. If you are concerned about the adhesion of chips, you can use the magnet catcher by demagnetizing the shank).



*Magnet Catcher Short (Red, 2-pc set) NMS-2PR
*Magnet Catcher Short (Blue, 2-pc set) NMS-2PB
*Magnet Catcher Short (Yellow, 2-pc set) NMS-2PY
*Magnet Catcher Short (Green, 2-pc set) NMS-2PG



*For magnetizing and demagnetizing recessed bits or thin shank screwdrivers.
*For preventing screws from falling.
*For screw tightening work in places where a lot of chips are produced.