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New Product “Cushion Drill Bit (for steel) 6-pc set 《No.AMD6P》(22/05/24)

VESSEL releases on April 2, 2021 “Cushion Drill Bit (for steel) 6-pc set 《No.AMD6P》”.
Cushion Drill Bit was launched in 2006.
In 2016, we expanded the variation of drill diameter size to 40 sizes, which was at once doubled.
In 2018, we released a 3-pc set and an assorted 14-piece set of which the detail was carefully selected among the best-selling 12 sizes.
After that, having known that many people tend to buy the same size in bulk at pro shops, we have newly expanded the lineup of 6-pc sets of the same size drill bit, supplied in a package that is easy to purchase and convenient for storage.



*Fast drilling speed. Long life.
*X-shape (cross) thinning process on the tip-end helps it fit the object to drill and drill a hole without punching.
(X-shape thinning is adopted to φ3.0mm and larger for which it is effective.)
*《High hardness HHS steel》 is adopted and the sharp edges of the tip-end are kept.
"*The drill is not taken out of the bit shank or does not spin because they are integrated by pressing drawing process.
*Cushion ring suppresses the center runout or wobbling: in the electric power tool, the cushion ring sticks out in its chuck, and suppresses wobbling and get rid of the bit runout.
*Color-coded cushion ring for each size. Easy to find the necessary size.



*Cushion Drill Bit (for steel) 6-pc set (φ2.5mm) AMD6P-2.5
*Cushion Drill Bit (for steel) 6-pc set (φ3.0mm) AMD6P-3.0
*Cushion Drill Bit (for steel) 6-pc set (φ3.3mm) AMD6P-3.3
*Cushion Drill Bit (for steel) 6-pc set (φ3.3mm) AMD6P-3.3
*Cushion Drill Bit (for steel) 6-pc set (φ4.0mm) AMD6P-4.0



*Drilling holes in aluminum frames or steel products, drilling tap pilot holes for thread cutting, drilling pilot holes for wood screws to prevent cracking of board materials