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New Product “Ion Parts Cleaner 《No.IPC-V4》(22/05/24)

VESSEL releases on June 2, 2021 “Ion Parts Cleaner 《IPC-V4》”.
VESSEL launched the “Ion Parts Cleaner” series in 2004, as a solution of troubles caused by re-attachment of dust and particles, due to static electricity, which were once blown off the workpiece to the air, and have expanded the lineup, according to the sizes of the workpiece and the sites where the machine is installed.
The new model “IPC-V4” was developed from the research about the “recent on-site situation” of our customers who have ever chosen our machine. Below are those we learned:
(1) Since the space cannot be expanded, “the cell working table or regular working table should be small.”
(2) The working table is actually small. There are many to do on the table apart from the dust elimination. Those are prioritized. So, “there is no space on the table that a dust remover can occupy.”
(3) As practiced with air gun or as done for assembly, “dust is removed, preferably by the up-and-down motion.”
Learning the above, we have tried to solve customers’ problems with the concept of “foot-installed machine” that does not take up space on the desk and “vertical machine” that can be used by moving up and down the workpiece. And we have developed the IPC-V4.
The IPC-V4 can be installed between the legs when sitting, or between 2 workers standing side by side and shared by them.



*Insert the workpiece, just by one hand, through the opening at the top, and the sensor detects it and the ion air blows off dust.
*Compact design (3.8kg) for easy installation and relocation.
*Foot-installed type. Does not occupy the space on the working table.
*Various functions: Air volume adjustment, Pulse operation mode, Off-timer setting, High voltage alarm lamp, and so on.
*The U-shaped transparent hood on the front side of the machine enables the workers to see well the inside.
*Easy-to-handle adhesive gel sheet; adhesiveness recovers to the original level by washing the sheet with water after taking it from the machine. Alcohol sheet can be used for the temporal maintenance.
*In addition, paper pack filter collects dust mixed in the exhaust air. This reduces the spread of dust.



*Medical container / Cosmetic container / Inspection / Packing process…removal of static electricity and dust while suppressing the spread of dust.
*Electric substrate…removal of static electricity from substrates and of adhered dust.
*Optical lens assembly…non-contact dust removal, and prevention of re-attachment of dust.
*Resin molding and inspection of small products (connector/harness)…removal of adhered dust
*Disassembly and assembly of smartphone…dust removal and prevention of scratches due to dust.
*Assembly of glasses…removal of tiny dust while removing static electricity.