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New Product “Scaffold Worker Socket “(22/05/24)

VESSEL releases on February 2, 2022 “Scaffold Worker Socket <JAWS LOCK> (No.MLS20179)”.
Clamp fittings for fixing single-tube scaffolding are reused many times. Each time they are attached or detached, the “corner” of the clamp nut wears. And, in some cases, the corners are often too rounded to turn with a regular socket. In that case, the only way to remove such rounded nuts is to destroy it with a hammer.
As a solution of these problems at the construction sites, VESSEL has developed the “Scaffold Worker Socket <JAWS LOCK> (No.MLS20179)”.
In order to be able to turn even a hexagon nut with rounded corners, we designed “Scaffold Worker Socket <JAWS LOCK> (No.MLS20179)” so that the force is applied to the “side” instead of the “corner” due to surface contact. Furthermore, when loosening (counterclockwise), a “jagged part” in the socket bites into the rounded nut and enables to turn.
In addition, for the measures against the shank breakage due to the repeated work of attachment and detachment of many clamps, the shank is pressed into the socket head with a shock absorbing resin. As a result, durability is enhanced up to 5 times compared to the conventional scaffold worker socket.



*New shape [JAWS LOCK]
Adopts a newly designed socket shape JAWS LOCK that has a wide contact area and firmly holds rounded nuts. When loosening it, even if the corners are rounded, the jagged shape of the socket will firmly bite into the nut, so you can turn it properly.

*5 times more durability
A shock absorbing resin is used for the shank area. Prevents shank breakage with torsion effect and shock absorption.

*Compatible with scaffolding clamp nuts (A/F 17mm) that are used at the construction sites.



*For attaching and detaching scaffolding clamps.