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Electrostatic Field Meter No.Eye-02 – ベッセル製品英語


Static Solutions, Conductive Rubber Mats, and so on.

Electrostatic Field Meter No.Eye-02

From the floor or mat to the working bench, provides an optimal EPA environment

* A hand-held measuring instrument enabling you to measure an invisible electrostatic charge condition or ion balance of the ionizer easily.
* Maximum value(peak value)/pause can be displayed.
* LED cross mark as an index for correct measurement distance.
* Equipped with a female thread for camera screws; using with a tripod or jig enables measurements in stable state. Also provided with a plate for ion balance measurements.
* LCD has backlight and provides a bright, easy-to-see display in low light.
* Provided with a soft housing carrying case.
* Compatible with ISO 9000 traceability. A calibration table and certificate can be issued.


Model Body Size(mm) Weight(g) EDP No.


123 x 70 x 25 200 621603

Ion balance: 0 to +/-200V

Item PKG (mm): 195 x 115 x 80

Measuring distance: 25mm +/- 0.5mm (Between charged object and the Eye-02)

Power source: 9V DC (006 battery 1pce.)

Measurement range: Static charge voltage +/- 0 to +/- 1.50kV (LO range), +/- 1.0 to +/- 22.0kV (HI range)

測定距離: 25mm +/- 0.5mm (Between charged object and the Eye-02)

* Ion Balance Plate x 1 * Ground Cord w/alligator clip x 1 * Carrying Case x 1



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