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Ion Parts Cleaner No.IPC-A3 – ベッセル製品英語


Static Solutions, Conductive Rubber Mats, and so on.

Ion Parts Cleaner No.IPC-A3

Air cleaning in neutralized space in a hood

* Equipped with two ionzing nozzles N-1, blowing air downward from the top side of the hood.
* Eliminates static electricity and removes dust with air controlled by an infrared sensor.
* Time to stop ion blow after sensing a workpiece by a sensor is settable. (1, 3, 5, 10, or 30 sec)
* Adhesive gel collects blown-off dust assuredly.
* Dust on the adhesive gel mat can be washed off with water and the gel mat can be used repeatedly.
* Dust collector is not required; This reduces power consumption significantly and, in the end, the total running cost. Moreover, pulse blow also cuts the amount of air usage.
* In the pulse mode, air is blown intermittently, exerting force of blowing off dust by vibration. It allows low- and high-speed pulses to be selected according to workpiece.
* Incorporates an air regulator.


Model Body Size(mm) Weight(g) Applied voltage Power supply Air consumption(L/min) Power consumption(W) Current consumption (mA) Dust collection airflow(m3/min) EDP No.


420 x 411 x 300 9500 AC5.6kV(p-p) DC24V +/- 5% 270 22 900 1.13 621612

Ionizing method: AC high frequency corona discharge

* AC Adapter AD24-IT19E (100 to 240VAC) * AC power cable 1.8m * Adhesive gel sheet/plate (attached on the product) 2pcs.



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