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New Product “Problem Solving Bits”(22/05/24)

VESSEL releases on June 2, 2021 “Problem Solving Bits”, 53 sizes in total of the DC – Cushion Bit, the DZ – Zigzag Bit, the DS – Slender Bit, and the DRB – Rib Bit.
Demand for home remodeling of detached houses / condominiums / rental housing is on the rise while the number of new constructions is sluggish (in Japan).
Due to the influence of Covid-19, people spend more time at home, and they are becoming more aware of changing the floor plan. In addition, as the number of elderly people increases, demand for remodeling such as barrier-free construction tends to increase.
At such sites, the work space for demolition and post-construction is actually limited and narrow, and it is necessary to work carefully so as not to damage the existing walls or floors.
VESSEL has been selling bits for various purposes for a long time, but especially for professionals who have needs for more specialized products suitable for each application, VESSEL has developed 4 categorized bit series preventing troubles and enabling a high-quality work.



*Extra Superalloy material
All items are made of special steel "Extra Superalloy", with the highest hardness of HRC62. Since it is hard to break and bend, the tightening torque can be transmitted accurately and reliably, and screws can be tightened properly.

*DC - Cushion Bit
The cushion ring eliminates the gap between the bit and the chuck of the power tool and suppresses the runout of the bit. Suitable for narrow areas where you do not want to damage the surroundings or when careful handling is required during the work, for example, with decorative screws.

*DZ - Zigzag Bit
The jagged part at the tip-end bites into the cross section of the screw and prevents come-out. Suitable for the case that the screw should not be dropped during work, such as in a deep area where it is difficult to tighten a screw or when you do from an angle.

*DS - Slender Bit
Since the tip has a slim shape, it is easy to see small head screws such as slim screws and workpieces. Suitable for the application that the screw head should not be above the surface. Less burden of post-work by making the holes for filling the putty smaller.

*DRB - Rib Bit
The rib shape strengthens the tip-end, which is resistant to breakage in heavy load work such as drill screws. Since the bit blades are thick, they are resistant to wear and twist, and are also effective for continuous driving work with siding boards or plasterboard.



*DC - Cushion Bit : For fixing wedges on the stairs or putting up a curtain rail.
*DZ - Zigzag Bit : For fixing studs and installing handrails.
*DS - Slender Bit : For fastening works with concrete panels and tightening mini screws for floor construction.
*DRB - Rib Bit : For the ALC member attachment to the light-gauge steel, and the siding board attachment.